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Explore and have fun with wine!

Wine can be a ‘scary’ subject. Very often we end up ordering/buying the ‘names’ we recognize.

If you leave the old standards aside, you may just learn about great finds! Wines from the old world are great, but they often come with a large price tag, limiting most of us to try only the ones we can afford.

Take a chance and explore the vines of countries like: Uruguay, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, among others, and discover great wines, ‘undiscovered’ varietals and significant value. These up and coming regions offer something for everyone…if looking for a ‘refreshing, light and interesting’ white: Torrontes, might be it. If you like big, fruit bombs for a red: try decanting a Tannant.

Take the road less traveled and go for the varietals you don’t recognize. Chances are you will tap into something pleasant; and if it’s not to your liking… it’s OK, you didn’t have to mortgage your house to buy it. The idea is to explore and have fun with wine… while still holding on to your wallet.

Todd’s Tips: Find a Value and a New Wine
  • 1. Try a wine from a region you are not familiar with
  • 2. Try a grape that you are not familiar with or try a grape you know that is grown in a completely different region than what you are used to
  • 3. Don’t go for the ‘big name’ producers just based on the name
  • 4. Don’t rely on the ratings from the wine magazines. If you want to buy it, do so and try it.
  • 5. Never buy the least expensive wine on a restaurant wine list. You find the greater values in the $60-$90 range
  • 6. Share all your wine ‘discovery’ and knowledge with your friends

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