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Sommelier Erik Liedholm
Seastar Restaurant & Raw Bar
205 108th Avenue NE
Civica Office Commons Building
Bellevue, WA 98004

Erik Liedholm’s Wine Tips

Drink the wine you love with the food you love, everything else will take care of itself. Some basic guidelines:

Pairing is all about balance, matching the size and weight of wine with the richness and intensity of the food.

Key Elements to Consider:

1. Temperature: When white wine is too cold its flavor is muted. When red wine is too cold the tannins are enhanced.

2. Alcohol Level: Avoid combining salty food with high alcohol vino. The wine will taste bitter.

3. Sweetness: Spicy food loves to have a sweet wine. It acts as a little fire extinguisher!

4. Tannin: Look for low salt and high fat food. Might I suggest a ribeye?

What to do without a Sommelier in house:

Sacre bleu! No Sommelier? Know your importers. For French wines, try Robert Kacher Selections and Louis Dressner. For German and Austrian wines, try Terry Thiese. These savvy importers always offer good value and good vino!

Home Wine Selections:

Now that the holidays are upon us (aka salt fests), stock up on low alcohol wines. One in particular is from the Bugey region of France, the southwest corner. Cerdon du Bugey is a Petillant, (slightly sparkling), slightly sweet wine that tastes like a strawberry creamsicle. It's the perfect wine for the holidays, the happiest wine on earth. Oh boy!

Little-Known Wines Worth Tasting:

Personally, I am an acid freak (strictly in the non-70's sense). I love the Gruner Veltliner from Austria. Even simple, inexpensive QBA Rieslings make my blood boil! Argentina is really coming on strong with some great Torantes too!


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