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Alex Stratta
Executive Chef, Renoir
Las Vegas, Nevada

1. Always pre-order organic turkeys. Never use frozen turkeys, the fresh organic turkeys have much better flavor and are generally more moist.

2. To keep the breast meat moist, make a 'compound butter' of butter, sage, garlic and black pepper and tuck it under the skin of the breasts. Once the turkey is cooked, allow it to rest upside down, this allows the juices to flow into the breasts.

3. Always do all of your preparation the day before, this way you only have the cooking portion to attack on turkey day. This allows you to spend more time with family and less time with turkeys!

4. It's always better to buy two 8-pound birds rather than one big one. The younger, smaller turkeys are usually more tender and flavorful, and don't take as much time to cook.

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