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Turkey Roasting Tips

1. Place the turkey in the oven legs in first. It's generally hotter in the back of the oven. The legs need the higher heat because they are tougher than the breast but they can also handle the higher heat without drying out because of their higher content. The breasts are leaner and more tender and need the greater heat. With the legs in first, the whole bird is happy.
2. To help insure that everything gets to the table at the same time and HOT remember that the oven belongs to the turkey on Thanksgiving. Pies and quick breads should be made a day to a month before even though there's nothing like a fresh baked pie or bread rolling out of the oven just in time for presentation, the turkey, again, takes center stage. All side dishes should be stove top items. Stuffing should be made the day ahead. Once the turkey is out and resting, the oven can be turned down and used as a warmer for all the sides while you're making the gravy on top of the stove. While dinner is being enjoyed, the pies are warming up!

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