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Turkey Tips

Cook Legs and thighs 2 days before:

1.Rub a marinade on the meat under the skin before roasting, see recipe for Adobado Marinade
2.Make sure to cover the legs with foil so they don't burn while roasting the bird
3.Count on 20 minutes cooking time per pound of a stuffed turkey
4.Once the bird is done, remove the breasts and slice it rather than carve it while on the turkey...It's easier and yields more meat.

To Roast the Turkey:
Preheat oven to 335 degrees F.
Rinse the bird thoroughly and pat it dry. Reserve the neck and bones and innards. Carefully, using your fingers, separate the skin from the breasts and from around the thighs. Liberally rub the adobado marinade into the meat, being careful not to tear the skin. Pack the turkey cavities 2/3's full with stuffing and seal or truss them. Place the turkey on a rack in a large roasting pan sprayed with vegetable spray. Rub the turkey breasts and thighs with some bacon fat, shortening, butter or oil and place a piece of foil over the breasts and thighs so they keep from browning too quickly. Allow 20 minutes cooking time per pound for a stuffed turkey. After about two hours the turkey will have generated enough liquid to baste the bird. With a basting ball, baste the entire turkey every 15 minutes, placing the foil back on the bird each time until only one hour of cooking time remains then remove the foil and discard. The turkey will yield sufficient liquid to baste the stuffing and to make the roux leaving enough to continue basting the bird.
When the turkey is cooked the legs will be loose and the liquid will run clear from the thighs when pierced with a fork. Remove the turkey from the oven and let it rest for a half hour before carving. In the meantime remove the stuffing and heat in oven for dinner service.
To carve the turkey, first remove the wings, legs and thighs removing some meat from each bone but leaving some on the bones for noshing. Next, remove the breast meat from the carcass. This is easily accomplished with a sharp knife. You will now have two large boneless turkey breasts which can be thinly sliced against the grain. This technique yields much more meat and is much easier than carving the breast while it is on the turkey.

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