Stephen Nogal, Chef and Innkeeper,
The Inn at Langley,
PO BOX 835 400 First Street Whidby Island WA 98260 360/221-3033

Cranberry Relish: Traditional Item with a Twist
  • 1 quart whole wild cranberries ground through a meat-type grinder (coarse)
  • 6 Satsuma or Mandarin oranges or Clementines peeled and ground after the cranberries
  • 4 Lemons, zest first, then juice and set aside
  • 1 cup superfine sugar
Combine Ingredients in a non reactive bowl, refrigerate at least one day prior to serving. Adjust with lemon and sugar to taste, this is to be a refreshing relish!

Wine Recommendations: A dry rosé from Washington, California or Long Island is a great match for the Thanksgiving meal. Stephen Nogal suggests Chinook's Rosé from Prosser, Washington. It is a Loire-style rosé made with Cabernet Franc grapes.
A Pinot Noir from Oregon is another delicious suggestion. Chef Nogal prefers one of Chehalem's Pinot Noirs from Ridgecrest Vineyards in Newberg Oregon.

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