Joan Nathan ,
Star of PBS Series "Jewish Cooking In America With Joan Nathan",
Author of The Jewish Holiday Baker (Schocken Books);
The Jewish Holiday Kitchen (Schocken Books);
The Children's Jewish Holiday Kitchen (Schocken Books);
An American Folklife Cookbook;
The Flavor of Jerusalem (with Judy Stacey Goldman);
and Jewish Cooking In America (Knopf 1994, 1998)

  1. To score chestnuts for chestnut stuffing, cut an x-shaped gash in each chestnut shell before you cook the chestnuts. This technique will facilitate the peeling process when you remove the shells.

2. Do not stuff your turkey ahead of time as harmful bacteria growth could spoil the uncooked fowl. Just before roasting, stuff the body and the neck of the turkey, but do not pack in as the stuffing will expand during cooking. If packed in too tightly it will be very dense instead of light. Sew the abdomen and neck closed and sew the legs together close to the body so that the stuffing cooks evenly.

3. Try a Jewish Cuban Thanksgiving meal. It's American in the real melting pot sense. It would include a roasted turkey, cranberry sauce, plantains, rice, black beans and stuffed (a casing-filled with bread crumbs or flour, goose or chicken fat and minced onions) and pumpkin pie.

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