Nora Pouillon ,
Owner of Restaurant Nora and Asia Nora in Washington, D.C.,
Author of- Cooking With Nora(Park Lane Press, 1996)

1. You should always buy organic, farm-raised turkeys. They are so much more flavorful.

2. Smaller turkeys stay juicier and they are easier to cook and control during the cooking process. Make two smaller turkeys rather than one larger one, but this doesn't mean don't make more turkey than you are going to eat on Thanksgiving. We all know how popular turkey leftovers are.

3. Use interesting seasonal ingredients in your stuffing. Go to the Farmer's Market. and buy grains, wild mushrooms, earthy root vegetables and fruits so that your stuffing will reflect the season.

4. Make the stuffing or the turkey interesting by using spices. For an Indian twist, add curry powder; for the flavor of Morocco use cinnamon and chile peppers or to add a Mexican touch, use cumin, cilantro and smoked chiles.

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