Franck Delatrain
Executive Chef Patroon Restaurant,
New York, New York

To prevent the turkey from drying out I soak the turkey in a marinade.
I make my marinade with chicken stock, wine, herbs
(thyme, rosemary, bay leaf, pepper corn) and garlic.
I soak the bird for 3-4 hours so it gets full of the liquid.
Combine all the ingredients in a pan, let the liquid infuse
a bit and bring to a boil (like you're making a tea).
Put the pan in the refrigerator and wait until cold.
You want to either almost submerge the turkey
in the marinade or put it in a pan. If you put
the turkey in a pan, turn the turkey every 2 hours
so the liquid really soaks through. Some people use
soy sauce in the marinade instead of salt.
The soy sauce really goes into the turkey.
If desired, use about 1 part soy sauce
to 3 parts chicken stock.
Some people combine different kinds of ingredients
so to give the turkey a different taste.
For example if you want an oriental marinade include ginger,
cilantro, basil, coconut milk or lemon grass.

Cook the turkey at 350F-375F basting all the time.
Use the juice of the marinade to baste.
That's really the secret to making a moist turkey
-- basting. For an 8 pound turkey cook for 1 1/2 hours.

After cooking, it's important to let the bird rest
at least 20 minutes so the juice and meat stabilize.
This ensures a moister turkey.

Don't cook the stuffing inside the bird.
If you stuff the turkey, the stuffing
has to reach close to 190F in the middle
for it to kill off any risk of bacteria.
By that time the turkey is completely dried out.

Take the livers and the rest of the innards
inside the cavity, chop them up with a shot
of garlic and add to the stuffing
and bake stuffing separately

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