Barbara Kafka
Author Roasting a Simple Art (William Morrow)

1. "Buy the very best bird that you can find -- unfrozen. Free range and kosher tend to be good. Order ahead if necessary.

2. A turkey anywhere from twelve to twenty pounds will be tender and have a good ratio of meat to bone. Need more -- buy two smaller birds.

3. Don't buy a turkey that has been injected with stuff, tasteless oil and water. They're never good; they steam and the cost is for water.

4. Get the turkey around two days ahead. Fresh can be very icy.

5. Remove giblets, neck and livers. Make a little stock by covering gizzard and neck with water and simmering until the neck falls apart. This is the gravy base.

6. Remove turkey from the refrigerator about four hours ahead of roasting time to allow to come to room temperature. Cover with a dish towel to keep the skin from drying out.

7. Try to resist stuffing -- the salmonella problem. Bake the same mixture in a casserole with some extra liquid to serve as a dressing.
8. Don't salt the skin which makes it cook unevenly.

9. Use a heavy stainless steel or other metal pan no more than three inches deep.

10. I prefer to roast at a high heat -- 500 F. This eliminates basting and covering. Times are given in my book: Roasting a Simple Art (William Morrow)."

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