Waring Commercial Immersion Blenders and Food Processors    


Seth Siegel-Gardner“The Waring food processor is a work horse! It is sturdy and accurate and will last for years!”
~ Chef Jenn Louis, Culinary Artistry and Commercial, Sunshine Tavern, and Lincoln Restaurant, Portland, OR.
Seth Siegel-Gardner“With their broad line of professional restaurant equipment, Waring opens up possibilities in our kitchen”
~ Chef Andrew Zimmerman, Sepia, Chicago IL.
Seth Siegel-Gardner“My Waring equipment is amazingly quiet, efficient and flexible. It’s great for catering and off site events.”
~ Jasper Shen, Aviary, Portland, OR .
Seth Siegel-Gardner“WARING has shown their commitment to working with chefs, enhancing creative development of cuisine through the sealed batch bowl processor. Added design features, makes sure that this piece of equipment securely and efficiently procures consistent product.”
~ Chef Seth Siegel-Gardner, Pilot Restaurant Group, Houston, TX.
Jimmy MacMillan“[Waring’s 14SC LiquiLock Food Processor] is a solid, multi-function tool that we've been using to make base for macaroons, grind toasted nuts, and rough chop ingredients like apples and chocolate. The whipped cream attachment provides even air incorporation which creates a great texture when used for mousses and bavarois creams.”
~ Pastry Chef Jimmy MacMillan, JMPUREPASTRY, Chicago, IL

Pastry Chef Ralph Perrazzo“Waring’s commercial combination food processor with the LiquiLock Seal System has great features. It grates frozen product so fast that no nitrogen or stabilizer is needed.”
~ Pastry Chef Ralph Perrazzo, Clio Restaurant, Boston, MA.

Pastry Chef Ralph Perrazzo“Waring’s spice grinder is so fast and sharp that you can make powders out of freeze-dried strawberries without gum or residue appearing on the blades. Most spice grinders don’t have that kind of power, and the natural pectin left in the strawberries usually cakes up the blades.” 
~ Pastry Chef Ralph Perrazzo, Clio Restaurant, Boston, MA.
Chef Justin Wills"It is great that there is a commercial table top stand mixer on the market that thinks about the Chef's need. The variable speed, the pulse feature, the design and the sizes of the attachments, and the depth of the bowl are only a few things that make the Waring Stand Mixer stand out above its competitors. I have consistently used Kitchen Aid stand mixers...not any more. I can't wait to get my hands on more Waring products."
~ Justin Wills, Chef/Co-Owner, Restaurant Beck, Depoe Bay, OR.