Textures, Densities & Sensations 
Mixologist Junior Merino of The Liquid Chef, Inc – Bronx, NY
Adapted by StarChefs.com
Yield: 1 cocktail

Ginger Julep: 
1/6 lime
6 mint leaves
2 dashes peach bitters
½ ounce simple syrup
¾ ounce Domaine de Canton
1½ ounce Woodford Reserve Whiskey

3 organic red rose petals
½ ounce rose syrup*
¾ ounce lime juice
1½ ounce aloe juice
¾ ounce Chambord
1½ ounce Herradura Tequila Blanco
1-1½ cups ice

Pastis Espuma: 
2 ounces pineapple juice
6 ounces cantaloupe juice
1½ ounce lime juice
1½ ounce lemongrass-aloe syrup*
1 ounce Pastis
2 teaspoons granulated soy lecithin
½ teaspoon stabilizer
½ ounce xantham gum

Hibiscus-Salt Air Bubbles: 
2 teaspoons hibiscus-rose salt*
3 ounces lime juice
¾ ounces hibiscus syrup*
6 ounces filtered water (bottle)
¾ ounces Domaine de Canton
½ ounce Chambord
2 teaspoons granulated soy lecithin
¼ teaspoon stabilizer

*Merino uses The Liquid Chef brand

For the Ginger Julep: 
With a muddler, gently press the piece of lime and mint to release the oil from the skin of the lime and from the mint leaves. Add all the other ingredients in mixing glass, add ice, shake, and double strain with a Hawthorn strainer and a bar chinois into a special cocktail glass.

For the Aloe-Rose: 
Put all the ingredients in a blender, add 1-1½ cups of ice, and blend. With a bar spoon, gently spoon a layer of the blended mixture onto the ginger julep in the base of the glass.

For the Pastis Espuma: 
Put all the ingredients in a container and blend with an immersion blender until mixture is liquefied and well-integrated. Pour mixture into an iSi Whip Cream Canister, cover, and add two nitrous cartridges (cream chargers). Squeeze a layer of espuma directly on top of the aloe-rose mixture in the glass.

For the Hibiscus-Salt Air Bubbles: 
Put all ingredients in container and blend with an immersion blender mixture is well-integrated. Foam by lifting the immersion blender until half of the blade is out of the liquid – this will create a layer of stable foam on the surface of the liquid. Use a bar spoon to place the bubbles on top of the layer of espuma, and serve.