Waring Commercial Immersion Blenders and Food Processors  
Turkey Burger with Seasoning Salt, Tomato Jam, Green Goddess Dressing and Arugula
Chef Adam Biderman of The Company Burger – New Orleans, LA

This ain’t no burger substitute. At The Company Burger, 2012 New Orleans Rising Star Chef Adam Biderman does a turkey burger as worthy of a bun as any of its beef brethren. From a bold tomato jam—jazzed up with spices ground in a Waring Spice Grinder—to ultra lush Green Goddess dressing blended up in a Waring LiquiLock Food Processor, Biderman ‘s 100 percent dark meat Turkey Burger gets some serious TLC in the kitchen.

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Chef Jenn Louis

“The Waring food processor is a work horse! It is sturdy and accurate and will last for years!”
~ Chef Jenn Louis, Culinary Artistry and Commercial, Sunshine Tavern, and Lincoln Restaurant, Portland, OR.


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Waring used by Spike Gjerde at the 2011 International Chefs Congress
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Pastry Chef Shawn Gawle of Corton – New York, NY Turkey Burger with Seasoning Salt, Tomato Jam, Green Goddess Dressing, and Arugula
Chef Adam Biderman of The Company Burger — New Orleans, LA

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  • Tools of the Trade: The Hottest Kitchen Equipment of 2009
  • Waring Commercial Home
  • “With their broad line of professional restaurant equipment, Waring opens up possibilities in our kitchen”
    - Chef Andrew Zimmerman, Sepia, Chicago IL.

    With all the money spent to outfit a kitchen with the most durable, best performing heavy equipment, wouldn’t it be nice to have smallwares that can perform at the same level and stand the same test of time?

    Every chef loves talking about the big dogs in the kitchen:  the wood-stove oven that reaches 900 degrees, the smoker, the chitwood broiler – or the flashy whiz-kids, like the vacuum packers and super shiny tempering machines. The fact is, it’s the smallwares that get them there – the food processor for the tapenade, the dough hook for the pizza dough, the immersion blender to make your ganache smooth and shiny, the spice grinder to blend your seasonings. After all, the end result is only as good as its beginning – and middle. It’s at this point that chefs need power, and durability… power to emulsify, power to incorporate…durability to last long hours and frequent uses. No one knows this better than Waring.

    Waring knows that every kitchen runs on more than manpower, and their smallwares reflect that in both power and consistency. With almost a century of research and industry feedback, Waring has specifically tailored their smallwares for a permanent place in the equipment arsenal of the expert chef.  So, no matter what’s on the menu, chefs who take pride in the big dogs and shiny machines of the kitchen can safely use, abuse, and continue to produce with Waring smallwares.