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There are no hidden costs; you only pay for water sold. What is unique about FRESH is that the quality and packaging enables you to keep your price points on par with bottled water. In fact, all of our 200-plus clients in Europe and across the US have kept their existing price points from bottled water and customers love it!

* Elected the 2008 most innovative product in France by the International Association Les Disciples d’Auguste Escoffier

* Aldo Sohm, the world’s best sommelier, recently picked out FRESH in a blind test as the best water to have with food and wine.


Nordaq FRESH is a complete water filtration concept that takes away impurities and unwanted flavors in tap water. Unlike other tap, filtered, or even bottled, mineral-rich water, FRESH water cleanses the palate and enhances the taste of the natural flavors of food and wine. The water filtration system purifies tap water to an exceptional level so you can serve your guests the purest, freshest water available.

Palate Enhancement

A recent discovery was made that water, like wine, affects the palates of diners. Fresh’s unique filtration system preserves the water’s natural salts and minerals without leaving residue that can react with the true flavors of food and wine. Nordaq FRESH water not only prepares the palate to taste, but also enhances the natural taste of food and beverages because the natural salts and minerals are intact.

A Full-Service Water Filtration Concept
Nordaq FRESH has the complete solution for your restaurants and banqueting. The Nordaq FRESH machines allow you to increase margins with still or sparkling water, chilled to 40° F and served in exclusive glass bottles that after service go in your regular dishwasher. The cost, based on water consumptions, includes all of the following:

* Complete system
* Beautifully designed glass bottles
- (available in 375ml, 500ml, 750ml, and 1000ml)
* Secure cleaning solution
* Ongoing maintenance and support
* Training of your staff
* Service, filter, and CO2 change*

* A sophisticated electronic surveillance system measures the performance and consumption on the machine and communicates with our servers so we know before you know if you need service or a filter change.


Nordaq FRESH is a revolutionary 100% green luxury water concept based on a worldwide patented purification technology from Sweden. Nordaq FRESH water filtration system uses a patented filter that transforms tap water to the purest, freshest water without removing important minerals and salts which benefit the body and palate. Other filters are often designed for a combination of lifetime and quality—ours is strictly designed for the very best quality.

Benefit the Environment

Refraining from bottled water is the number one thing you can do to reduce our impact on the environment. Nordaq FRESH water filtration system offers the ability to bottle water directly at your restaurant reducing the demand for transport and plastic bottles. Even the used filter cartridges are processed and converted into renewable energy.