and “when you walk in to the restaurant you get this rush of wonderful pork aroma. Finegan explains “Slaw, Slaw, Slaw, was all I could think of. So, let’s make a Sauce out of Slaw...cabbage sauce!”  Flanigan says the Xantana keeps the sauce viscous and lightly foamy.
The Gage kitchen also use Lecite "to achieve vanilla air for our Reconstructed Root Beer Float, and the fluid gel of root beer uses Xantana. A warm root beer candy is made with the help of Gellan.”

At Crush (Seattle) Chef Jason Wilson uses Xantana as a thickener, sometimes in conjunction with the Metil. He likes Xantana for its emulsifying properties. And in the black truffle and bone marrow sauce, Xantana is used to create a texture that is usually only accessible through butter. Wilson uses the sauce with Wagyu beef, in gratins, as a sauce for pasta, or even as a flan base. Without Xantana, the sauce would not be possible to make; it would end up with a puddle of rendered bone marrow fat floating on the top of the sauce. The Xanatana acts as a liaison between the liquid and the beef fat, and incorporates them to achieve a very silky, earthen, rich and flavorful sauce.