Hobart 3000 Slicer: Redesigned by You  
Pastry Chef Johnny Iuzzini of Jean-Georges
New York City, NY
Dave Arnold of The French Culinary Institute
New York City, NY
Chef Johnny Iuzzini of Jean-Georges Carrot Cake, Crispy Brown Butter, Rum Raisins, Cream Cheese Ice Cream
Johnny Iuzzini of Jean-Georges

Chef Dave Arnold of the French Culinary Institute Mokume-Gane Fish
Dave Arnold of the French Culinary Institute

  A kitchen slicer has always rivaled the chef’s knife in usefulness and efficiency. An essential tool for slicing meats, cheeses, and beyond, this versatile piece of equipment can be found in almost any kitchen in the US and around the world. Despite its reputation for being an indispensable kitchen tool, it also has been given a bad rap for being inconsistent, difficult to clean, and has played a role in many trips to the emergency room.

After years of industry feedback and hours spent in the laboratory, Hobart has redesigned the slicer to improve all of these issues. New features of the Hobart 3000 professional slicer include simplified controls, improved geometry, and a much easier-to-clean model. These innovations make the slicer effortless to use, quicker to clean, and even better at precision slicing.

“There is virtually no part of the slicer that has not been redesigned.”  -Hobart Slicer Design Team

Ease of Use
Ever felt like your arm was going to fall off after a 12 hour day at the slicer?
The newly redesigned slicer has a self-lubricating carriage rail system to create a smoother glide without having to constantly lubricate.With a lower profile and working height,this light-weight slicer is much easier on the chef, reducing fatigue.

Do you forget when to sharpen the blade?
An indicator light tells you exactly when it’s time to sharpen. The slicer has an internal counter keeping track of how many strokes you can execute before the knife needs sharpening.

Slicer Cleaning
Don’t want to spend hours cleaning after a long day in the kitchen?
The new 3000 professional slicer can be cleaned in half the time compared to previous models due its new easy-to-clean features.The slicer has a one piece, seamless base with lots of open spaces to easily move your hand around while cleaning.Also, there is a new ring guard cover to catch food debris during slicing for easy removal at cleaning time.

How do I clean the blade?

The 3000 slicer features the first-ever removable knife. Just snap the knife cover onto the blade, lock it into place, and remove the knife in seconds; place the whole thing in a sink or warewasher without ever having to touch the blade.

User Risk
How do I avoid touching the knife?
The Hobart 3000 slicer features a top-mounted sharpener that keeps the knife edge covered during sharpening. Combined with the optional knife-removal system, this slicer was designed with zero knife exposure when attaching or detaching the sharpener or cleaning the knife.

Inconsistent Slicing
Forget about tearing and food debris.
The 13-inch CleanCut knife is made from Stellite alloy with a thinner edge that stays sharp twice as long as other blades. The larger diameter of the knife increases edge speed, resulting in a cleaner cut. The new geometric features, a 50° cut plane and 25° product tray, are designed for less friction and better hold for the operator, resulting in improved yield and consistency.

How can I get consistent strokes?

The semi-automatic slicer is driven by a special motor that allows the operator to choose any stroke length to match the diameter of the product. If the stroke wasn’t smooth enough, the semi-automatic feature actually helps the user move the carriage back and forth when slicing manually.

Slicer Lifespan
The average lifespan of a slicer in a busy kitchen is less than five years.
You can double that number with the 3000 Hobart slicer, even in a high volume restaurant or institution. This new slicer is designed to stay in top condition for many more years than other models with very little effort. The easy-to-clean features, sharpening indicator light, and removable blade all contribute to easy maintenance and high performance of the 3000 Hobart slicer.