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Hobart has provided reliable support and quality equipment to the restaurant industry since 1913. From food prep to warewashing, Hobart is there for chefs every step of the way. However, Hobart doesn’t rest on its history alone; it leads the industry in technical innovation while maintaining unsurpassed value. Here are just a few of the many quality products from Hobart. Like other Hobart equipment, Hobart’s Combi Oven is a leader in the industry, anticipating exactly what chefs need.
Eric Soller of Hobart raffles off a tattooed mixer at the 2009 ICC
Hobart mixers have always been the industry standard for mixing consistency. But the Legacy Mixer goes beyond its standing mixer predecessors, featuring cutting-edge technology to deliver even better mixing consistency, ease of operation, and durability.

Special Features:
The SmartTimer™ provides precise mixing.

Shift-on-the-Fly™ technology allows you to change speeds while the mixer is running.

Stir Speed allows you to start the mixer without worrying about any product splashing out.

• The Legacy’s swing out bowl makes it simple to add ingredients, take out product, and remove the bowl.

• Hobart’s specially designed SoftStart gradually increases RPM, reducing wear and tear and extending the overall life of the mixer

• The Legacy’s Splash Guard ensures product doesn’t splash out onto the mixer
Chef Dante de Magistris of il Casale uses his Legacy Mixer to make gnocchi. What will you use yours for?

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Eric Soller of Hobart raffles off a tattooed mixer at the 2009 ICC
After years of industry feedback and hours spent in the laboratory, Hobart has redesigned and improved the slicer, that now includes features such as simplified controls, improved geometry, and an easier-to-clean model. These innovations make the slicer effortless to use, quicker to clean, and even better at precision slicing.

Special Features:

• The self-lubricating carriage rail system creates a smoother glide without having to constantly lubricate, reducing fatigue.

• An indicator light tells you exactly when it’s time to sharpen. 

• The 3000 slicer can be cleaned in half the time compared to previous models due its new easy-to-clean features.

• A new ring guard cover catches food debris during slicing for easy removal at cleaning time.

• The 13-inch CleanCut knife is made from Stellite alloy with a thinner edge that stays sharp twice as long as other blades.

• The new geometric features are designed for less friction and better hold for the operator, resulting in improved yield and consistency.
Think a slicer is just for meats and cheeses? Check out Pastry Chef Johnny Iuzzini’s Carrot Cake, Crispy Brown Butter, Rum Raisins, and Cream Cheese Ice Cream he creates with his Hobart 3000 slicer.

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Chef Dan Hunter grabs his lamb from the Baxter oven in his 2010 ICC workshop
Many of today’s top chefs are still discovering what a combi oven does, how to use it, and what it can do for their operations. In the kitchen you want versatility, consistency and repeatability.  The Hobart Combi provides that ability to prepare foods using many cooking methods but all from one piece of equipment.  Hobart Combi’s give you that flexibility and control while making it easy to use.

Special Features:

• Convection, Steam and Combination modes achieve Baking, Grill/Roasting, Steaming, Proofing, Rethermalization, Low temp, Healthy-Fry, Delta-T and other cooking results

• Real Humidity Control from 0-100% of possible maximum at chosen temperature, unique to a boilerless combi

• Provides consistent results every time with 4-speed auto reversing fan

• Automatic cleaning programs with auto cool down and auto dosing detergent pump featuring hands free use of non proprietary

• Includes Bluetooth communication & recipe software for PC, optional  Hobart Combi® Barcode Scanner. Turns every recipe into a barcode

• Now available in gas and electric
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