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What Does a Combi Oven Do?Why Do I Need a combi Oven?How Do I Pick the Right Combi Oven For Me?

What is the difference between gas or electric combi ovens?

The major difference between the two combi ovens is the energy source. Electric combi ovens use electricity as the heat source while gas combi ovens use gas to heat the oven. Most combi ovens are electric and have traditionally been the more popular model amongst chefs that have the option for either energy source, but gas is now leading the way for future combi ovens. Hobart is releasing a new gas model at the NRA show in May that features an open burner flame located directly inside the oven chamber for direct energy transfer with instant temperature results. This model is upwards of 50% more efficient than the top 3 combi ovens on the market. The disadvantages of the gas combi ovens are that they are more expensive, upwards of $2,000-$7,000 more than electric models and potentially require more maintenance due to its additional components.

You should choose which type of energy source based on your personal preference, operational costs associated with gas & electric and what you have available in your kitchen. Chefs are often confined by either gas or electrical energy sources so the decision may be already made.

What is the difference between boilerless or steam generated combi ovens?

Many chefs can’t tell the difference between boilerless and steam generator models since the difference mainly lies in the interior parts. The steam generator combi oven employs a tank to boil water large quantities of water to produce steam while the boilerless combi injects small amounts of water directly onto the heating elements in the chamber, creating steam which is circulated by a fan. The majority of European chefs use steam generator models, which have also been the more common model in America but water quality is less of an issue overseas. Steam generator combi’s (with boiler) are good for high volume kitchens where the oven door is constantly opened in steam mode operation and is preferred for extremely low temperature cooking (below 160-175˚F). The disadvantages are that steam generator combi ovens are difficult to maintain due to its complex components, requiring more parts, labor, and preventative maintenance.

Boilerless models, widely released in the last couple years, really perform in US applications creating instant results (since the steam is created directly inside the oven chamber). With hard water issues in America, the steam generator models often becomes easily corroded and can shut off in the middle of service. The boilerless model solves this problem and is now the more efficient and desirable oven in American kitchens.

Can I get training on how to program a Hobart combi oven?
As with all products, Hobart offers on-site training with all equipment purchases. They employ local salesmen and regional chefs to come into your kitchen to train you and your staff.  They also offer a training video for operators. Click Here for Video

Does the combi oven with any attachments?
Depending on the size, all combi’s come with a standard quantity of racks and a temperature probe. Common additions include stands, stacking kits, extra wire racks, water treatment solutions, rack hanger, trolleys and HACCP monitoring systems.  Auxiliary equipment like Traulsen Blast Chillers also works in conjunction with the combi offering. Additional options and accessories are available at

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