From the 2007 and 2008 StarChefs.com International Chefs Congress

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Monkfish Head-to-Tail with Chef Morimoto:
On Day 2 of the 2008 International Chefs Congress, Chef Masaharu Morimoto demonstrates how to break down an entire monkfish and prepares 6 head-to-tail dishes with the fish: fillet sashimi with a liver ponzu, a Caprese salad with tomato, mozzarella, stomach lining, and liver, deep-fried gills, stomach and liver with spicy ponzu, hot pot with miso-flavored dashi with fin and egg sack, and kombu-wrapped fillet cooked in hot rocks.
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How to Cook an Egg with Chef JoŽl Robuchon and Bruno Goussault
In this podcast, Chef JoŽl Robuchon dispels the myth that sous vide is ineffective at retaining the green color in vegetables, and investigates the various effects of water bath temperature for cooking a perfect egg. Robuchon shares the stage with Bruno Goussault of Cuisine Solutions Ė one of the pioneers of sous vide cuisine Ė who demonstrates his technique for taking the internal temperature of the egg white and yolk using needles and adhesive foam.
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The Art of Presentation with Chef Graham Elliott Bowles
Take a journey into the concept of food as art (or at least food inspired by art) in this workshop from the International Chefs Congress, in which Chef Graham Elliot Bowles demonstrates three presentation ideas inspired by different art movements. Chef Bowles and his cooks take us through a contemporary art-based interpretation of clam chowder, a Toulouse-Lautrec inspired dish of scallops with pumpkin puree and eggnog foam, and a modern art take on cranberry-mint soup. [watch above] - Download this Podcast

Sashimi Knife Skills with Takashi Yagihashi
If you’re looking to brush up on your knife techniques or simply want to know about the authentic Japanese method of cutting sashimi, this podcast features Chicago Chef Takashi Yagihashi as he covers the basics of sharpening Japanese-style knives and the right way to cut tuna and salmon sashimi from both filet and whole fish. Learn Chef Yagihashi’s tips on how to properly use a whetstone with a single angle blade, how to tell when the blade is sharp enough, and how to use the right technique in order to minimize meat-structure damage when slicing raw fish filets. [watch above] - Download this Podcast

Advanced Japanese Techniques at RyuGin
Seiji Yamamoto’s work at RyuGin is continually pushing the boundaries of culinary techniques. In the first segment of this ICC 2007 video podcast, Yamamoto demonstrates his method for deboning Hamo – a delicately flavored Japanese fish with the most complex of bone structures. His first step is to CAT scan the fish at a hospital to obtain an X-ray which he uses as a blueprint to aid in his boning of the fish. In the second segment of this podcast, Yamamoto uses every part of a squid to create another stunning dish. After curing the body in sake, kombu and yuzu powder, the guts, tentacles and ink are made into a sauce which is printed on the plate in the style of a Japanese newspaper column using his signature silkscreen method. [watch above] - Download this Podcast

Pastry Chef Alex Stupakís Peanut Butter and Jelly Mignardise
Watch as WD-50 Pastry Chef Alex Stupak uses new techniques to turn a classic combination into an avant-garde creation at the 2007 International Chefs Congress. Small sections of pâte de fruit are frozen in liquid nitrogen before getting dunked in a liquid peanut pate sablée mixture. A final coating of tapioca maltodextrin-laced ground peanut results in these tasty little bites of crunchy, frozen PB&J. Watch this Podcast - Watch this Podcast

Pastry Chef Elizabeth Falkner’s Sous Vide Chocolate Cake

Elizabeth Falkner of Citizen Cake in San Francisco, CA is not the type of pastry chef to think that sous-vide is limited to savory cooking. As she describes the inner mechanics of her Sous-Vide Chocolate Cake, Chef Falkner paves the way for future adaptations of this new-school cooking technique for desserts. - Watch this Podcast


Sashimi Knife Skills with Takashi Yagihashi on StarChefs.com