The Dishrag Newsletter
Issue 212
September 3, 2010
1.  Ten International Industry Figures
2.  Demystifying Kaiseki
3.  International Presenters at the ICC
4.  Somm Slam-Competitors Announced!
5.  Pastry Competition-Competitors Announced!
6.  Thank You for Taking the Culinary Trends Survey!
7.  Photo Galleries: Latest Photos from Our Recent Tastings
8.  Featured Video: ICC 2009 Techniques from the Arzak Laboratory with Chef Juan Mari Arzak
9.  Featured Cookbook: A Day at el Bulli
10.  Sign a Petition to Support Childhood Nutrition
11.  Top 10 Jobs from the JobFinder
12.  Featured Chef to Know: Chef Masaharu Morimoto of Morimoto
13.  Recipe for Steamed Sea Urchin with Lobster Custard and Fennel Foam magazine for culinary insiders. Visit

Wisconsin Cheese - Artisans Find Inspiration in Wisconsin

 1. Ten International Industry Figures
From the Old World and the New, we raise the flags of 10 innovative modern-day Columbuses of cuisine.
 2. Demystifying Kaiseki
Cracking the Kaiseki code with four Japanese chefs, from its roots in Japanese culture to its future in America.
 3. International Presenters at the ICC
Sure, you could fly around the world to see these leaders in cuisine, or you could see them all at once at the International Chefs Congress, where international titans will stand toe to toe and toque to toque.
 4. Somm Slam-Competitors Announced!
Sommeliers are finally getting impolite! Announcing the competitors for the First Annual Somm Slam, the real-time pairing competition at the 2010 ICC!
 5. Pastry Competition-Competitors Announced!
We put the bitter in bittersweet with our inaugural International Pastry Competition presented by PreGel at this year's ICC. Click here to see who will face off for the chance to win the grand prize - a stage at Pierre Hermé in Paris and a trip to a cocoa plantation in Costa Rica!

 6. Thank You for Taking the Culinary Trends Survey!
The winners of the culinary trends survey have been selected and notified. If you've taken the survey and haven't heard from us, buy your ICC ticket now!

 7. Photo Galleries: Latest Photos from Our Recent Tastings
Photos from our recent tastings in New York, Virginia, and beyond, including the 2010 New York Rising Stars. We’ve also posted 2007 photo galleries of San Francisco, Atlanta, and Dallas – get a glimpse of StarChefs photographic history.
 8. Featured Video: ICC 2009 Techniques from the Arzak Laboratory with Chef Juan Mari Arzak
Chef Juan Mari Arzak discusses the use of Spanish vinaigrettes to paint the plate and enhance the experience for the diner.
 9. Featured Cookbook: A Day at el Bulli
Ferran Adriá, Albert Adriá, Juli Soler
Oct 2008

Some call el Bulli the most important restaurant of our time; it's certainly the most mysterious. The ratio of diners who want reservations to those who get reservations is around 400:1, and while many meals have been well-documented, the experience remains elusive and singular. The hefty A Day at el Bulli is a close look at a day in the life of the gastronomic monument, from the first rays of sun on the water to the locking of the door at 2am. But it's more than just a picture book. Inserts discuss the history of the restaurant, creative methodology, even a guest's path from front door to table. Beyond the sheer marvel of such a detailed pictorial documentary, the book's appeal and impact come from its humanity. It reminds pious followers that el Bulli is simply a restaurant; it's human and alive, filled with people brought together by a common cause: devotion to food, wine, and the pursuit of high cuisine. %20Day%20at%20el%20Bulli
 10. Sign a Petition to Support Childhood Nutrition
Please sign the Support Child Nutrition Legislation petition and then ask your friends and colleagues to sign as well. The deadline for signatures is Tuesday, September 7th.
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 11. Top 10 Jobs from the JobFinder
Chef de Cuisine
Wine-Centric Restaurant Seeks Accomplished Northwest Chef
The Woodmark Hotel-Bin on the Lake
Seattle, Washington

Culinary Faculty
Instructors with a Passion for Teaching Culinary Arts Wanted
The Art Institute of California
Orange County, CA

Sushi Chef
Uchi / Uchiko
Nationally Acclaimed Restaurant Seeks Sushi-Experienced Chef
Austin, Texas

Sous Chef
Work at Gorgeous Upscale Country Inn Surrounded by Farms
Home Hill Inn
New Hampshire

Line Cook
Work With Bold, New, Upscale Food at Conde Nast's 2010 #1 US Hotel-Spa
Old Edwards Inn & Spa
Highlands, North Carolina

Floor Supervisor
Fun, Exotic, Busy Restaurant Seeks Experienced FOH Staff
Trader Vic's

Pastry Chef
Help DC Area's Premier Caterer Create Unforgettable Events
Bethesda, MD

Line Cook
Seeking Top Caliber Line Cook to Join Our Remarkable Kitchen
Chicago, IL

Director of Food & Beverage
Foremost Golfing, Dining, and Special Event Destination on the West Coast Seeks F&B Director
Trump National Golf Club
Los Angeles

Executive Chef
Chef Needed for New Small Plate, Southwestern Cuisine Concept
Philadelphia, PA

 12. Featured Chef to Know: Chef Masaharu Morimoto of Morimoto
88 Tenth Ave
New York, NY 10011
(215) 413-9070

Seats: 180
Weeknight Covers: 300
Weekend Covers: 450
Check Average (with Wine): $110
Tasting Menu: Yes $120
Kitchen Staff: 20

Other Restaurants: Philadelphia, PA: Morimoto; Tokyo, Japan: Morimoto-XEX; Mumbai, India: Wasabi by Morimoto
Cuisine: Japanese
Born: 1955
Began Career: 1973
Work History: Japan: Sushi; New York, NY: The Sony Club, Nobu
Mentor(s): Rokusaburo Michiba, Barry Wine
Awards: 2008 IACP Cookbook Award for Chefs and Restaurants
Affiliations: Iron Chef, Iron Chef America
Languages Spoken: Japanese

NOTABLE DISH(ES): Miyazaki Wagyu Beef Tartare; Braised Black Cod

Restaurant Recs: I don't know many restaurants in Philadelphia because I go to my restaurant to work, then go to a bar after work, and just go home. I don't have time to go to a restaurant
Kitchen Tool(s): The cutting board-it is a sacred tool and should be kept clean because we cut raw fish on the cutting board and serve the sliced raw fish directly over the counter to the customers.
Interview Question: It would be easier if there were such a question. Just as people have different tastes, people are different in terms of personality, experience, etc. I change questions depending on the person I am interviewing.
Fave Cookbook(s): Rosajin (in Japanese)
Chef to Cook for You: Hanaya Yohei-he was the founder of Edo-style sushi, the closest thing to what today we might call nigiri sushi.
Culinary Travel: Vietnam-I've never been. I love Vietnamese cuisine and want to experience local ingredients and styles of cooking in the place where they originate.
 13. Recipe for Steamed Sea Urchin with Lobster Custard and Fennel Foam
from Chef Joël Robuchon of L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon - Paris, France
Adapted by

Yield: 1 Serving


Lobster Custard:
68 grams lobster bouillon
2 grams lobster roe
1 egg, beaten

Fennel Foam:
200 grams butter
500 grams fennel, sliced
325 grams onion, sliced
8 pieces star anise
15 grams fennel seed
500 grams Pernod
1500 grams fish stock
750 grams cream
White pepper

Steamed Sea Urchin:
1 sea urchin shell
24 grams sea urchin

To Assemble and Serve:
Pinch fennel pollen
Pinch chives, finely sliced


For Lobster Custard:
Mix the beaten egg with the bouillon and lobster roe. Add the sugar, salt, and pepper. Strain through a chinois.

For Fennel Foam:
Sweat the onion, fennel, star anise, and fennel seed and season with a dash of salt. Add the Pernod and reduce by half. Add the stock and cream and bring to a boil. Simmer for 20 minutes. Remove from heat and steep for 30 minutes. Strain and season.

For Steamed Sea Urchin:
Clean the shell and fill with 15 grams of the lobster custard. Cook at 185°F in a steamer for 10 minutes or until set. Refrigerate until chilled. Top with sea urchin and reheat in steamer at 230°F for 2 to 3 minutes. Pour some of the liquid that has dissolved from the foam into the shell, then top it off with the stiff foam.

To Assemble and Serve:
Garnish with fennel pollen and chives.

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