One of the most festive Christmastime activities is baking and decorating cookies to give to friends and family. This year offers you sixteen of Santa's favorite recipes from some of the best bakers around, plus some all-time winners. Remember to leave some milk and cookies for Santa by the tree because, after all, he's the one deciding who's
naughty or nice!

maida heatter's sweet ideas for santa
cornmeal cat's tongues
aspen rocks
scotch shortbread cookies

rose levy beranbaum puts these under the tree...
unrugelach mini turnovers
peanut butter cookies
double chocolate oriolos

gale gand, rick tramonto and julia moskin sweeten up the holidays
italian almond-iced christmas cookies
christmas tree linzer cookies

marvin and walter rosen do it the junior's way
coconut macaroons
chocolate chip cookies

mark bittman suggests the traditional milk and cookies
oatmeal cookies
refrigerator (rolled cookies)

jennifer appel and allysa torey flash back to he 1950's
almond crescent cookies
white chocolate macadamia cookies

jill van cleave recommends slicing up one of these...
christmas stollen
yulekage (scandinavian christmas bread)

...and don't forget about these sweet all-time winners...
holidy baking 1996
holiday baking 1997
holiday baking 1998

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