BARBARA KAFKA Writer/Cookbook Author
Roasting a Simple Art wins the Julia Child Cookbook Award.

Barbara Kafka is an internationally respected food writer and teacher. Barbara currently writes for The New York Times, and has contributed to Gourmet, Family Circle, and Vogue, as well as to other food magazines in the United States, Australia and Great Britain. Barbara has also edited the English language edition of Revue de Vin de France. She edited some of the first articles written on the new wine explosion in California, which was just beginning at that time.

Barbara is the author of several wildly successful cookbooks. Most recently, her book, Soup A Way of Life, has been on the bestseller list of The Los Angeles Times and Her other books include The New York Times bestseller, Microwave Gourmet and Microwave Gourmet Healthstyle Cookbook. Both were Book-of-the-Month-Club main selections and sold out in mass paperback in America and England. Both were also winners of The Tastemaker Award (IACP). Another Book-of-the-Month-Club main selection was Roasting A Simple Art, which won the Julia Child Cookbook Award.

She compiled and edited The James Beard Celebration Cookbook (pro bono), The Four Seasons, The Cook's Catalogue, and a magazine, Cooking, later The Pleasures of Cooking. She also annotated and edited the Toulouse Lautrec Cookbook. In the past, Barbara has been active as a consultant in the industry, helping to create many restaurants in New York, including Gotham Bar and Grill. She has also acted as a consultant in food service for hotels and restaurants across the country. For many years she taught with James Beard, as well as teaching around the country on her own. She has appeared on television in Australia, Great Britain and the United States and has done a cookery series and a regular talk segment on the Food Network. The winner of many awards, Barbara has served on the boards of many prominent culinary organizations and educational boards.