Rosanne Gold
Cookbook Author

Rozanne's cookbook, Little Meals, introduces cooks to her "keep it simple" cuisine and is honored with a James Beard Award.

Author of Entertaining 1-2-3, New This Fall From Little, Brown & Co.

"Spearheading a significant new movement in food today, Rozanne Gold's search for simplicity has made her the recognized diva of culinary minimalism." - Michael Batterberry / Food Arts Magazine

"Gold isn't on the cutting edge, she is the cutting edge. That's why she's one of America's most admired chefs who the pros look to for ideas. With her 1-2-3 books, she's crated the "gold standard" for simplicity." - Arthur Schwartz / WOR Radio "Food Talk" Host

Rosanne Gold, author of the forthcoming Entertaining 1-2-3, is one the most prominent women in the food world today and a pioneer of the new minimalist cuisine. The third book in her award-winning 1-2-3 series, Entertaining 1-2-3, presents dozens of elegant, original recipes that rely on just three ingredients, simply prepared and beautifully presented.

Ms. Gold introduced sophisticated cooks to her "keep it simple" cuisine in 1994 with her James Beard Award-winning cookbook Little Meals. She earned another Beard Award with the publication of Recipes 1-2-3, followed, followed in 1998 by her Recipes 1-2-3 Menu Cookbook, a Beard Award Nominee.

As Chef Director of the renowned restaurant consulting firm Joseph Baum & Michael Whiteman Co., she influences the menus of many of the world's finest restaurants. In addition, Rozanne is culinary counselor to Dunnewood Vineyards. She was consulting chef to New York's famed Rainbow Room and the landmark Windows on the World, and earlier in her career served as the first official chef to New York City Mayor Ed Koch, where she presided over the first kitchen in the historic Gracie Mansion, cooking not only for Hizzoner but for the presidents, prime ministers and other dignitaries who came calling.

Rozanne Gold is familiar to millions of television viewers of Lifetime Network's Our Home, and has made frequent appearances on Today, Good Morning America, Live with Regis & Kathy Lee, and on the Television Food Network. Ms. Gold and her husband, Michael Whiteman, entertain in their 110-year-old Brooklyn brownstone.