M. F. K. Fisher (Mary Frances Kennedy)
Born 1908, d. 1992.
Publishes "The Art of Eating", which wins the James Beard Cookbook Award in 1989.

The late Mary Frances Kennedy Fisher was the author of more than a dozen books, most of them centering around the art of eating. She was a master chronicler of our hungers and their satisfactions. No one has written with more relish of the simple yet sophisticated pleasures to be found in dining alone, or of the peculiar tastes and traditions of a family kitchen.

Mary Frances Kennedy was born on July 3, 1908 in Albion, Michigan. In 1954, her opus, The Art of Eating, was published (Macmillan Co.). The Art of Eating won the 1989 James Beard Cookbook Award.

Cooking, eating, rumination, and pleasure: these are the essential ingredients of Fisher's works. Her other books include The Gastronomical Me, The Physiology of Taste, An Alphabet for Gourmets, Serve It Forth, How to Cook a Wolf, and Consider the Oyster.