New Years Breakfast 2007

By Erin Hollingsworth
December 2006

“Probably one of the most private things in the world is an egg until it is broken.” - MFK Fisher

Eggs symbolize new beginnings, because they are, as it were, new beginnings. And so it makes sense to start the new year with eggs, not because of their overt regenerative connotations, but because you can do anything with them; they're classic breakfast fare, and just-so-happen to pair well with another favorite ovum, caviar, a notable presence in this year’s recipes. Soft boiled, coddled or raw, a clever series of slight manipulations, ostentatious fortifications, and yes, well-meaning intrusions transform these once coy yolks and whites into flamboyant declarations of a new year to come.


Bacon and Eggs: Tuscarora Farm Coddled Egg with Yellowstone Caviar and Bacon Emulsion
Chef RJ Cooper of Vidalia – Washington, D.C.

» Soft Boiled Egg with Watercress Crème Fraiche, Foie Gras Croutons, and American Caviar
Chef Patrick Connolly of Radius – Boston, MA

» Tortilla Española
Chef Jose Andres of Café Atlantico – Washington, DC

» Toasted Organic Egg Yolk with Caviar and Dill
Chef Greg Brainin of Perry Street – New York, NY

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