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Chef Scott Carsberg   
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Chanterelles with Fonduta Cheese Sauce 
Matsutake Baked on Cedar 
Porcini Mushrooms: Three Ways 

by Cyd Klein

Hold a mushroom in your hand; feel its springy flesh. Smell its dark, pungent aroma. Imagine how it will taste – its gills breaking in your mouth, easily chewed but never liquefied. That one of a kind texture, flavor, and aroma - makes mushrooms a true culinary marvel. Add them to anything and a dish now has a strong flavor base. Add cream to mushrooms, and it’s heaven on earth.

On the subconscious level, mushrooms stimulate feelings, such as fear and a primal hunger for something wild. Mushrooms incite these feelings because we have a long and complex history of interaction with them. Mushrooms, like tomatoes, were mysterious and scary at first, but have evolved into a huge industry that mass produces a rather tasteless product, but is supplemented with authentic, exotic options. The word that describes the fear of mushrooms is mykophobia. It is a popular feeling because we still know very little about them.

Check out Chef Scott Carsberg’s recipes from his restaurant, Lampreia, in Seattle. He uses many different types of mushrooms to create his mouthwatering menu.