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Memorial Day
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Peanut-Crusted Grilled Scallops
Snapper in Cornhusks
Coriander-Lime-Glazed Swordfish Kebabs

By Liz Warton

Memorial Day is traditionally known as the official beginning of summer and a time to fire up the grill with friends and family. With many people choosing to dine at home, this holiday can be a challenging weekend for restaurants. This year we consulted Executive Chef Andy Husbands of Tremont 647 for a few suggestions on how to increase restaurant revenue and some new grilling recipes that will make your Memorial Day smokin’.

At Tremont 647 in Boston, Chef Husbands plans on luring customers to his restaurant with his spacious outdoor patio during the holiday weekend. Another way to attract more people into your restaurant is to offer a special holiday-themed menu. Recognizing that many of your regular patrons will still opt for the backyard barbeque, consider making their job easier by selling your signature spice rubs and marinades or offering a Memorial Day Survival Kit, a ready-to-cook package complete with marinated protein and prepared sides.

This Memorial Day, we asked Chef Husbands for his expertise on grilling seafood. For a special holiday menu, fish becomes the ideal vehicle to showcase his savory spices and sauces, which he plans on retailing in the near future. “Grilled, roasted, fried, or eaten raw, it presents an ocean of possibilities,” says Chef Husbands in his cookbook The Fearless Chef. His scallops take on a new texture with a peanut crust and a tangy apricot Thai glaze. To bring out the flavor of snapper, he grills them in cornhusks and adds a spicy salsa. For the kebabs, the combination of the peaches and the coriander-lime glaze adds a sweet accent to the tenderness of the swordfish.

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   Published: May 2006