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Available October through June, these little, baby citrus fruits can be daunting. What can you do with them? While you can just pop them in your mouth and eat them whole, dressing them up intensifies their sweetness and takes away any bitter taste. Take these recipes from chefs around the country as inspiration for integrating these curious fruits into your menu.

»  Chef Michael Bloise of Wish
Crispy Yellowtail Snapper with Lump Crab, Preserved Kumquat Compote and Tarragon Butter
»  Chef Daniel Humm of Campton Place
Chocolate Sorbet with Candied Kumquats
»  Chef Bob Iacovone of Restaurant Cuvée
Cured Duck Breast over Foie Gras-Smothered Brussels Sprouts with Kumquat and Cranberry Marmalade
»  Chef Neal Langermann of Georgia Brown’s
Georgia Brown’s Festive Kumquat-Cranberry Chutney
»  Chef David Frakes of Beringer Vineyards
Rose Water Panna Cotta with Candied Kumquats