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Get Out of the Kitchen—And into the Wild: Vacations Removed from the World
January 2009

Getting a chef out of the kitchen is no easy task. Even on days off and on vacation, culinary professionals can often be found behind a stove or making a pilgrimage to another restaurant. While this may sound glamorous, their families frequently have a different take on things. Indeed, it may seem impossible to snip the cords of communication with the rest of the world in this age of instant messaging, texting, and emailing, but StarChefs.com Editor-in-Chief Antoinette Bruno discovered this past summer that it’s easier than you think to leave that all behind.

Influenced by complaints from her children that every “vacation” revolved around three restaurant tastings a day, with constant interruptions buzzing through her various communication devices, Bruno knew she had to do something different. So, she planned a vacation where her Blackberry didn’t get reception and where there were no outlets to charge her laptop; three days sans communication with the outside world. Bruno took her family on a rafting trip organized by
Idaho River Journeys. Luckily for Bruno, she discovered that good food didn’t have to be completely left behind with her Blackberry.

Chefs, who are notorious for working crazy hours, would certainly benefit from some down time outside of the kitchen, and outdoors in general. Idaho River Journeys is one of many groups who lead outdoor adventure trips that vary in length and location. And, if the urge to get near a stove becomes too great, vacationing chefs can lend a hand producing tasty Dutch oven-cooked meals, such as those Bruno experienced every day. Dinner one evening was lime chipotle pork chops with middle fork zucchini bake and Dutch oven potatoes. Breakfast included cranberry coffee cake, eggs strata, or blueberry pancakes. In between these campfire meals, Bruno and her family hiked up Veil Falls, fished at Fly Camp, and braved Weber Rapids.

For those who find this appealing, Idaho River Journeys is considering designing some chef-driven rafting trips for this coming summer. Bring your family, enjoy the scenery, and then cook for the group. Although your loved ones may complain that you are still working, the views and exhilarating experience will surely remind them that they are indeed far from home.

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