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Chef David Bull’s Grilling Tips
Chef David J. Bull of Driskill Grill at The Driskill Hotel - Austin, TX
Adapted by StarChefs.com

Grilling to me is one of the most simplistic yet complicated cooking techniques there are. Too little heat it takes forever and doesn’t serve a purpose, too much heat and your steak is dead!

1. Season properly with salt and pepper, in and out and all around. It’s important to assume what the taster is actually going to consume, how they are going to cut the product. Make sure that every bite has the correct amount of salt and pepper.

2. Start hot and then lower the temperature. You will get a better product when grilling large pieces of meat or chicken if you start off with the grill at a higher temperature. This ensures that it doesn’t stick and sears quickly.

4. Marinades:use a marinade that is simple and has 2 to 3 contrasting flavors-sweet/salt, sweet/sour, etc. I believe that depending on what you are marinating, the longer the better.

5. Basting and moping: during the cooking process it’s important to mop the product as often as possible to prevent the product from drying out.

6. Carry-over cooking: pull the product off before you think you should. Turn off the heat and allow the product to continue cooking on its own. If you cook it all the way on the grill, it will be over-cooked by the time your guests dig in.

7. Have lots of cold beverages next to your grill for your own personal basting!


   Published: June 2005