HOLIDAY DINNER with Jeffrey Buben

An Aromatic Feast
by Erin Hollingsworth
November 2006

Every artist has a muse, and for Vidalia’s Executive Chef Jeffrey Buben the restaurant’s namesake inspires a festive and aromatic holiday menu. Each dish, save the lemon dessert, features Vidalia onions, adding their signature pungency and sweetness to varied intensity in a diversely delicious meal as simple to prepare as it is enjoyable to eat.

Begin the meal by warming up with a rich bowl of Five Onion Soup. Follow with briny oysters and bubbly Champagne whose viscerally stimulating flavors and textures will excite the palate and guide you to the next course – Roasted Partridge with Huckleberry. Finish with the Southern classic Lemon Chess Pie. It’s a sweet, tart and delicious way to end a great Vidalia holiday dinner.

Chef Jeffrey Buben of Vidalia and Bistro Bis – Washington, D.C.

Vidalia's Five Onion Soup
Chesapeake Oyster Toast
» Roasted Partridge with Huckleberry-Horseradish Compote
» Lemon Chess Pie


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