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Hearty Late Fall Dishes

By Betsy Feinberg
Cesare Casella knows hearty cooking. First at Beppe, and now with Maremma,Chef Casella treats his patrons in New York City to hefty plates of regional Italian fare that are equal parts home cooking and spaghetti western. A number of Casella’s dishes at Maremma are perfectly suited for late fall dining, including Sloppy Giuseppe, a tongue-in-cheek version of the American Sloppy Joe that substitutes savory stewed oxtail for canned beef, and scrumptious Tuscan Lamb Meatballs, which incorporate prosciutto and parmesan for a distinctly Tuscan flavor. Veal Cheeks earn their spurs with a piquant salsa verde, while rabbit loin is paired with radicchio to make a robust salad aptly suited for a chilly fall evening.


Chef Cesare Casella of Maremma – New York, NY
>Jack Rabbit Salad: Grilled Rabbit over Radicchio
>Rodeo: Veal Cheeks with Tomatillo Salsa
>Pony Express: Tuscan Lamb Meatballs
>Sloppy Giuseppe: Italian Sloppy Joe


   Published: October 2005