The Fork Lift
Mitchell Davis

StarChefs introduces our latest contributor, Mitchell Davis, a globetrotting 'gastronaut' pursuing the edge of the known culinary universe. Under the guise of 'The Fork Lift', Mitchell writes with a civic duty. On a never-ending quest to savor flavor, soothe stomachs, and to positively pleasure our palates, the 'The Fork Lift' leaves no rock or recipe unturned. All things cooked will be considered. We all eat to live, but how noble to delight in living to eat? Lift your fork in a toast and find out.


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About Mitchell

Mitchell Davis is director of publications of The James Beard Foundation, author of Cook Something, and coauthor of Foie Gras…A Passion (with Michael Ginor). He is a regular contributor of food and travel articlesto a wide range of magazines, including GQ, Mitchell DavisFood & Wine, Time Out New York, and Gastronomica. In his spare time, Mitchell is both a Ph.D. candidate and an adjunct professor in New York University's Department of Nutrition and Food Studies. He grew up in Toronto, graduated from Cornell's School of Hotel Administration, and trained as a chef in France and Italy. He lives in New York City.