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Imagine having access to fruits and vegetables directly from a local farmer’s market. Use our new Farm Fresh Markets listing to visit the farmer’s market in your city. They in turn will provide you with seasonal ingredients that will make your recipes a hit!

We will be adding farmers markets on a regular basis. If you know of one that is not listed in your neighborhood, please let us know and we will add it to the list.
(Just send the information to Please visit again to see what markets have been added.

Thank you for supporting your local farmers by shopping at Farmer’s Markets.

StarChefs’ Recommended Book List for Farm fresh, Organic, Whole food, and Farmer’s Market cooking.

  Check out:
  • Alice Waters on StarChefs. Alice is a major supporter of local growing efforts. Read more about her and try her recipes.
  • Nora Pouillon on StarChefs. Visit site to learn more about sustainable food growers’ efforts.
  • Steve Johnson on StarChefs. Read Chef Johnson’s interview with Eero Ruutilla of the Nesenkeag Co-operative Farm, a certified organic farm.