Valentine’s Day Menus for Modern Dining at DuMont and Dressler


Love Potions Vol. 11: Mixing Up Romance Behind the Bar


Join the Club: Chefs Get Involved in their Communities


Hospitality One Step Further: Chefs' Charitable Outreach


The 2010 LA – San Diego Rising Stars: Who They Are and Why They Shine



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  Liquid Nitrogen White Russian




  New York
  Chef Colin Kruzic of Jo's


  Chicago (2010)
  Chef de Cuisine Brian Huston of The Publican
  The James Hotel


  Chicago (2006 & 2007)
  Chef Gilles Arzur and Pastry Chef Anthony Chavez of Cafe des Architectes
  Chef Randy Zweiban of Nacional 27
  Chef Jeffrey Mauro of La Pomme Rouge - Chicago, CA
  Pastry Chef Todd Feitl of Vie
  Pastry Chef Elissa Narow of Custom House
  Pastry Chef Matt Kelley of Bin 36


Letter From the Editor Vol.57

Share the Love

February 8, 2010

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, love is in the air and restaurants are planning for a jam-packed, cupid-inspired weekend. With February 14th as one of the busiest restaurant nights of the year, whether you love it or hate it, if you’re in the industry, there’s no escaping it.

Read about what 2009 New York Rising Star Restaurateur Colin Devlin thinks about modern V-Day celebrations, and how he’s adapting his restaurants to suit them, here. And don’t forget to get your drinks menu appropriately aphrodisiac-filled—get inspired by one of these Love Potions.

On the subject of love, we thought we’d focus a bit on how chefs reach out to their communities, whether culinary or beyond, and share their love. We talked to six chefs about their charity work, what it means to them, and how they balance their kitchen and families obligations with their good works. Read about how chefs from coast to coast (Washington, DC’s RJ Cooper and Barton Seaver; Boston’s Andy Husbands; California’s Traci Des Jardins, Duskie Estes, and Las Vegas’ Carlos Guia) take Hospitality One Step Further.  

And chef clubs have a long-standing tradition in many culinary cities, like in Boston, but more are popping up in formal and informal styles. Check out how Boston and San Diego chefs are bringing together their culinary communities in Join the Club.

Last but certainly not least, read about why we love our newly announced Los Angeles – San Diego Rising Stars. Find out Who They Are and Why They Shine.

We’re out on the road again for culinary travel and will hit Belgium, New Zealand, and San Francisco in between. We’re scouting San Francisco Rising Stars so get in your nominations for Bay Area chefs, pastry chefs, restaurateurs, sommeliers, and mixologists, and then get out and get involved in your community and share the love!

Antoinette Bruno



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