Chef Stephan Pyles and Pastry Chef Katherine Clapner of Stephan Pyles, Dallas
February 2007

The Kitchen at Stephan Pyles

A Floating Tumbleweed in the Dining Room

Tasting of Six Ceviches

Lobster Escabeche with Vanilla Roasted Fennel and Almond Gazpacho

Pot au Feu of Suckling Pig and Posole

Crab Tamale Tart with Sea Bass in Hoja Santa

Coriander Cured Black Buck Antelope with Olive Llapingacho

Meyer Lemon Pudding Cake, Fennel Pollen-Huckleberry Swirl Ice Cream

Coffee and Doughnuts

Root Beer Float with Ponderaciones, Gianduja Foam, Choclo Ice Cream and Abuelita Soup

The Team at Stephan Pyles

Chef Stephan Pyles