What makes certain foods aphrodisiacs? Something in the imagination or something in reality? There are two schools of thought: the first says that if food looks sexy then it makes you feel sexy and the second claims that the actual ingredients ignite our hormones. These chefs' recipes call for ingredients that would pass the aphrodisiac test in both schools. Take the time to experiment with these terrific ingredients: mix in a cupful of passion and you can't go wrong.

Mélange à Trois of Lobster

-- Chocolate Espresso -- Truffles
-- Chocolate Cake

-- Carrot Ginger Soup
-- Frog Legs Risotto

-- Grilled Hudson Valley ------- Foie Gras
-- Fruit Spring rolls


----- -- Warm Oysters with --------- Julienned Vegetable
----- -- Beef Wellington
----- -- Pecan-Crusted Warm ------- Chocolate Tart

-- Horseradish-Crusted Salmon
-- Passion Fruit Soufflé & Passion -- Fruit Granita