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Grilled and Chilled Marinated Pig Heart

Uni Foam Technique

Technique: Grilled and Chilled Marinated Pig Heart
Chef Jason Bond of Beacon Hill Hotel and Bistro – Boston, MA
October 2009

Like octopus, heart is one of those ingredients that will yield excellent results by cooking it one of two ways: quickly over high heat, or slowly for an extended period over low heat. At Chef Jason Bond’s quaint Beacon Hill-neighborhood hotel restaurant, a whole butterflied pig heart is quickly grilled (under a weight, Italian-style), chilled in vinaigrette, sliced thinly, and served cold and rare.

Beacon Hill Bistro’s pig hearts are sourced from two small farms outside of Boston that raise heritage breed pigs for the restaurant. The current supply includes a dozen each of Tamworth and Large Black hogs (both rare English breeds of “bacon-type” meat producing hogs) plus two prized hairy Mangalitsa hogs (Eastern European “lard-type” hogs recently imported to the US).

Bond pairs the salty, tender slivers of Tamworth pig heart with an assortment of other charcuterie (headcheese pâté, stuffed trotter, guanciale, liver mousse, and terrine), or simply with a few fresh salad leaves. 

Step 1: Butterfly the heart through the middle.
Step 2: Remove any connective tissue and blood clots.
Step 3: Season the heart.
Step 4: Place on a hot grill and weigh down with a brick, a cast iron pan, or four stacked saute pans.
Step 5: Combine the heart with the vinaigrette and let chill.
Step 6: Slice the heart thinly.

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Grilled and Marinated Tamworth Pork Heart Salad
Chef Jason Bond of Beacon Hill Hotel and Bistro – Boston, MA
Adapted by
October 2009
Yield:4 Servings


1 pork heart, trimmed of fat and connective tissue
Sea salt
Black pepper
2 tablespoons Pommery vinegar
½ cup Geraci Nocellara extra virgin olive oil
1 handful mixed herbs (flowering thyme, lemon thyme, calamint, cicely, or bronze fennel)

To Assemble and Serve:
2 cups arugula

Prepare a hot grill. Season the heart on both sides. Grill the heart with a weight on top, such as a brick or four stacked sauté pans. Cook the heart until well marked on the first side. Flip and cook until lightly marked on the second side. Transfer the heart to a non-reactive container and add the vinegar, olive oil, and herbs. Season, let cool, and reserve chilled for up to one day.

To Assemble and Serve:
Slice the heart thinly and toss with arugula. Dress with the marinade and serve.

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  Published: October 2009