What is the StarChefs Studio?

StarChefs Studio: A Kitchen without Boundaries
StarChefs Studio provides chefs with a collaborative environment to share knowledge and experiment with new techniques. It is a traveling forum where the most innovative chefs pass their knowledge and techniques onto the rising star chefs of tomorrow. The StarChefs Studio program includes chef techniques demonstrations, the “How to Become a Star Chef” career seminar, employer seminars and networking events for chefs.

Chefs Techniques Demonstrations
StarChefs will invite some of its most innovative chefs to demonstrate techniques of interest to other chefs which best reflect their skills and background. Each technique will be presented as part of a recipe. Each demonstration will last 30 minutes.

Kitchen Combat
On your marks, get set, cook! Two celebrity chefs face off in StarChefs' culinary showdown. Once the mystery ingredient is revealed, the two fiery opponents will have one hour to conceptualize, cook and plate inventive dishes to be judged by a panel of critics. Only one chef will taste victory.

Meet the Masters
Meet the food and hospitality industry pros and gain an inside look at how the best chefs and operators in the country turned their enterprises into success stories.

“How to Become a Star Chef” Career Seminar
StarChefs Rising Star Chefs will talk candidly about their experiences, their education, and how they have achieved success in the industry. This seminar gives young cooks, culinary students, and restaurant managers the opportunity to learn how to advance their career, what pitfalls to avoid, and to discuss the difficulties and rewards of the industry.

"Recruiting for Better Retention" Seminar
StarChefs CEO and a select panel of recruiting experts will discuss the most effective methods of recruiting employees who will stay and grow with an organization.

StarChefs Night Out – Post Show Afterparty
StarChefs will provide an opportunity for chefs, recent culinary school graduates, managers, and other kitchen staff to talk one-on-one with StarChefs Rising Star Chefs and network with other food professionals in an informal setting.

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