events 5th Annual International Chefs Congress
2010 International Chefs Congress Presentations

Albert Adria
Inopia Classic Bar | Barcelona
Natura/A Day At El Bulli

Tom Aikens
Tom Aikens Restaurant | London
Culinary Notes from the UK

Dan Barber
Blue Hill | New York City
A Recipe for the Recipe: Concept Building at Blue Hill

Dan Barber, David Kinch, and Michael Ruhlman
Blue Hill | New York City;
| Los Gatos, CA; The Soul of the Chef | Cleveland
Keynote Panel: Creativity: Art vs. Craft

Martin Berasategui
Restaurante Martin Berasategui | Guipúzcoa, Spain
It’s All in the Technique: Harnessing the Potential of an Ingredient

Dale DeGroff
King Cocktail | New York City
Peruvian Pairings: Mixing the Flavors of Peru into Cocktails

Elizabeth Falkner and Gabrielle Hamilton
Orson | San Francisco; Prune | New York City
Art Meets Craft

Suzanne Goin
Lucques, AOC, & Tavern | Los Angeles
Behind the Scenes at Luques, AOC, and Tavern

Dan Hunter
The Royal Mail | Dunkeld, Australia
Giving Art and Craft in Cooking the Royal Treatment

Jordan Kahn
Red Medicine | Los Angeles
La Révolution Surréaliste

Mourad Lahlou
Aziza | San Francisco
Putting Soul on the Plate

Normand Laprise
toque! | Montreal
Nose to Tail and Farm to Table

Charlie Palmer
Aureole | New York City
Translating Creativity from Mentor to Protégé

Daniel Patterson
Coi | San Francisco
Simple Ingredients, Innovative Technique

Dominique Persoone and Bernard Lahousse
Dominique Persoone Chocolatier | Bruges; FOODPAIRING | Bruges
Chocolate is Rock’n’Roll and The Science of Food Pairings

Jamie Bissonnette
Toro & Coppa | Boston
!Vamos a la Plancha!

Michael Voltaggio
formerly of The Langham | Los Angeles
Porcelain Canvas: Eating with Your Eyes 

Brad Farmerie
Public & Double Crown | New York City
There Will Be Blood: Cooking with Life’s Essential Liquid

Gavin Kaysen
Cafe Boulud | New York City
The Original Sous Vide: Poulet “en Vessie”

Mourad Lahlou
Aziza | San Francisco
Cooking with the Prince of Modern Moroccan Cuisine

Rick Moonen
RM Seafood | Las Vegas
Sustainability Under Pressure: Sous Vide Seafood

Daniel Patterson
Coi | San Francisco
Cooking with Essential Oils

Normand Laprise
togue! | Montreal
The Pig Whisperer: Working Magic with Pork

Patrice Caillot
Ice Dessert Boutique | Las Vegas
Some Like It Cold

Patrice Demers
Les 400 Coups | Montreal
Apples in the Big Apple

Jordan Kahn
Red Medicine | Los Angeles
A Coloristic Use of the Dissonance

Jimmy MacMillan
JMPurePastry | Chicago
Updating the Pastry Chef’s Arsenal

Mindy Segal
Hot Chocolate | Chicago
The Art of Artisan Pastry

Greg Engert
Birch & Barley | Washington, DC
The Unparalleled Pairing: Beer, Cheese and the Confluence of Flavor

Geoff Kruth
The Farmhouse Inn & Restaurant | Forestville, CA
Seminar 1: A Blind Exploration of the Many Faces of Syrah
Seminar 2: A Brave New World of New Zealand Wine

Jesse Rodriguez and William Bradley
Addison | San Diego
Dynamic Duo: When Chef and Somm are One

Pascaline Lepeltier
Rouge Tomate | New York City
Biodynamic, Sustainable, and Organic: Wines with a Conscience

Paul Grieco
Hearth | New York City
Rediscoveing Rieslings

Dave Arnold and Nils Noren
The French Culinary Institute | New York City
Shaking Up Mixology with the Latest Toys

Richard Boccato, Giuseppe Gonzalez, and Johnny Iuzzini
Painkiller & Jean Georges | New York City
Island Revolution

Jackson Cannon
Eastern Standard | Boston

Jim Meehan
PDT | New York City
The Logic of Liqueurs

Junior Merino
The Liquid Chef | New York City
Smoke Gets in Your Glass: Mezcal in Mixology

Lucas Paya
The Bazaar by José Andrés | Los Angeles
The Anatomy of a Cocktail Menu

Don Lee
New York City
Bringing Home the Bacon: Fat Washing and Other Infusions

Dante de Magistris
Dante | Boston
Fatto in Casa: The Texture and Tooth of Pasta Italiana

Tory Miller
L’Etoile | Madison, WI
The Put-By System: Locavore Year Round

Masato Nishihara, Makoto Okuwa, Noriyuki Sugie, and Isao Yamada
Kajitsu | New York City; Sashi | Los Angeles;  Ironnori | Los Angeles; Upstairs at Bouley | New York City
Poetry on the Plate: Modern Kaiseki

Ken Oringer
Clio | Boston
The Low Down on Low-Temp Cooking

Mark Andelbradt, Scott Boswell, and Franklin Becker
Formerly of Tao; Stella! | New Orleans; Abe & Arthur’s | New York City
Quality in Quantity: The Art of Running a Thriving High Volume Restaurant

Debra Guzov
Guzov ofsink, LLC | New York City
Keeping Lawyers Out of Your Kitchen

Richard Melman
Lettuce Entertain You | Chicago
Pick the Brain of a Mastermind Restaurateur

Georges Perrier, Andre Soltner, Alain Sailhac, and Dorothy Hamilton
Le Bec Fin | Washington, DC; The French Culinary Institute | New York City
The First Brigade: America’s French Culinary Trailblazers in Focus

Corby Kummer, Francis Lam, Ed Levine, Marcus Samuelsson, Tony Susi
The Power of Yelp: How New Media Can Make or Break Restaurants

Josh Skenes, Noriyukie Sugie
(in Wine room)
Pop-Ups: Bootstrapping in a Tough Economy

New York Rising Stars | New York City
How to Make It: The 2010 New York Rising Stars