events 5th Annual International Chefs Congress
5th Annual International Chefs Congress
A Kitchen Without Boundaries announces that the 2010 International Chefs Congress (ICC) will take place September 20-22 at the Park Avenue Armory in New York City! Don't miss the most exciting professional culinary event in the US. ICC is a three-day culinary symposium where more than 70 of the world's most influential and innovative chefs, pastry chefs, mixologists, and sommeliers present the latest techniques and culinary concepts to their peers.

Attend chef demonstrations, hands-on savory, pastry and mixology workshops, wine and business seminars, career counseling sessions, and expert panels on current industry topics. Source cutting-edge culinary products and equipment from around the world at the Chef Product Fairs.

If there is one thing that unites our disparate culinary industry it’s a common passion for the creative process in making delicious food. What’s involved in the creative process—and how the individual defines his or her own role in it—has long been a subject of debate: is cooking a craft or an art? For some, the process of breaking down an animal, grinding the meat, stuffing it into casings, and tending to it as it dries and cures over days or even months is a veritable spiritual journey. For others, they find their muse in transforming a vegetable into a foam, powder, gel, a tender morsel that is alive with flavor and precisely placed on a dish with keen aesthetic sense. But art and craft are not parallel paths. There is art in charcuterie just as there is craft in creating a beet gel. And creative expression is not the exclusive domain of chefs—restaurateurs, F&B managers, and sommeliers can also express themselves in their fields. The intersections are many, and are ripe to be explored. And so we arrived at the theme for our fifth annual International Chefs Congress, Creativity: Art vs. Craft.

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Presenter: Albert Adria Presenter: Tom Aikens Mark Andelbradt
Presenter: Dave Arnold Presenter: Dan Barber Franklin Becker
Presenter: Martin Berasategui Jamie Bissonnette Richard Blais Richard Boccato Scott Bosswell
William Bradley Patrice Caillot Jackson Cannon Dale Degroff Dante deMagistris
Presenter: Patrice Demers Greg Engert Pastry Competition Judge Elizabeth Falkner Presenter: Brad Farmerie Suzanne Goin
Giuesseppe Gonzalez Presenter: Drothy Cann Hamilton Gabrielle Hamilton Matt Hill Dan Hunter
Presenter: Jordan Kahn Presenter: Gavin Kaysen Presenter: David Kinch Presenter: Geoff Kreuth Corby Kummer
Presenter: Mourad Lahlou Benard Lahousse Presenter: Normand Laprise Chris Lee Pasqueline Lepeltier
Ed Levine Presenter: JImmy MacMillan Jim Meehan Presenter: Richard Melman Junior Merino
Tory Miller Rick Moonen Masoto Nishihara Presenter: Nils Noren Makoto Okuwa
Ken Oringer Charlie Palmer Lucas Paya Presenter: Daniel Patterson Presenter: Georges Perrier
Dominique Persoone Presenter: Jesse Rodriguez Scott Romano Presenter: Michael Ruhlman Presenter: Alain Sailhac
Mindy Segal Joshua Skenes Presenter: Andre Soltner Brenda Steers Noryiuki Sugie
Tony Susi Michael Voltaggio Isao Yamada    
Pastry Competition Judge Johnny Iuzzini        
International Pastry Competition Officials
Pastry Competition Judge Albert Adria Pastry Competition Judge Wylie Dufresne Pastry Competition Judge Elizabeth Falkner Pasty Competition Judge Marcus Samuelsson Pastry Competition Judge Jacques Torres

Admission to 2010 ICC is limited to chefs, pastry chefs, mixologists, sommeliers, food & beverage managers, restaurant owners (Working Restaurant Pass), and other foodservice professionals, including food and equipment manufacturers, consultants, purveyors, publicists, architects, manufacturer representatives, and dealers (Industry Pass).

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Design Competition Winners

As we approach the 5th annual International Chefs Congress we are pleased to anounce the winners of our Design Competition. Modern Line Furniture and Riscala Agnese will showcase their lounge designs in the Congress Products Fair and Stephanie Goto will design this year's Presenters Press Lounge. Each lounge concept was designed around the theme of this year's Congress, “Creativity: Art vs. Craft” and will provide an area for attendees to network, eat, drink, and relax. Congratulations to our winners!

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