Wine Tips from Philadelphia Rising Star Sommelier Brian Kane

Wine Tips from Philadelphia Rising Star Sommelier Brian Kane

Regional pairings make it nice. Wines from a certain place paired with ingredients of the same region are generally compatible.

Be bold. You are talented. Try new wine pairings and dare to fail. New trends begin this way.

Drink significantly more Sherry. Add it to your list, tell your staff, and instruct them to do the same.

Stand behind Merlot. This grape is in need a much needed revival. It’s versatile with many types of dishes and should get more respect.

Use the range of liquid options. From beers, cocktails, and aperitifs to Scotches, brandies, and wines—you can offer them all during degustation menu pairings.

Train your staff aggressively and consistently. Hold weekly training sessions where your staff to tries new menu items and wines, so they can assess and describe plates and drinks in their own words.

Make it nice. Offer small tastes of wines that you know work with certain dishes to expand your guests’ horizons. This will encourage them to follow your suggestions in the future.

Don’t take yourself too seriously. You have the greatest job in the world. Be humble about how awesome your life is.

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