Jeremy Broto-Mur's Tips for Somms

Sommelier Jeremy Broto-Mur of Cafe Boulud | Palm Beach, FL
Sommelier Jeremy Broto-Mur of Cafe Boulud | Palm Beach, FL

South Florida Rising Star Sommelier Jeremy Broto-Mur took over his first wine program at Cafe Boulud in Palm Beach in 2015, where his diverse cellar reflects his main objective: to satisfy guests with a large selection of varietals, styles, origins, and prices. These are his tips for success in running a wine program.

The world of wine is incredibly diverse.
A wine program should reflect the broad spectrum of a style. The main objective is to satisfy every palate by showcasing classic bottling, along with new talented producers or a lesser known area to meet everyone’s price point.

Travel to discover food and wine culture.
This is the most enjoyable part of our work and a key component to truly understanding a specific region. It will provide useful insights and great stories to share with guest and colleagues.

Work with passion and transmit your knowledge.
The restaurant industry is filled with dedicated people who are willing to learn more about wine. Our mission is to motivate through internal training, to make people comfortable, and get them more involved in the wine program. It will translate in improvement of sales and contribute to enhance the guest’s experience.

Look for new discoveries and bargains to present.
The most rewarding aspect for a sommelier is to offer unique wines at a very affordable price. Clients are just like us—we all love to be blown away by a wine that over-performed.

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