Will Blunt

Managing Partner

Growing up in a political family in Washington, DC, Will Blunt graduated from Georgetown University and spent time working for a Congressman on Capitol Hill before moving to New York City. He joined StarChefs.com when the company was in its infancy, and has been instrumental in making it the leading media company for culinary professionals. He now serves on the StarChefs.com Board of Directors and has built ownership in the company. Blunt’s background in politics has not gone to waste: He applies his diplomacy daily to forging relationships with chefs and advertisers alike.

As managing editor, Blunt wears many hats. He has been integral to the vision and development of the International Chefs Congress and has been a key player in ensuring its growth and success. Blunt has built the StarChefs.com advertising client base from virtually nothing and has worked to maintain the integrity and authenticity of the products the company promotes to its audience. He has negotiated the company’s legal and business contracts, and has bridged countless partnerships with media, organizations, and venues.

Blunt’s role goes far beyond the business side of things: He works on the ground to contribute to tasting and interviewing many of the chefs, pastry chefs, sommeliers, mixologists, and restaurateurs that StarChefs features. Particularly involved in the growth of mixology content on the site, Blunt has been a visionary in seeing the importance and influence of mixology in the restaurant industry.

In his role as editor, Blunt has read and revised tens of thousands of pages of editorial content, working day in and day out with the StarChefs editorial staff. He has been a big supporter of charities over the years, such as Share Our Strength, Partnership with Children, Chefs for Scher, and numerous other organizations.