Snack City

by Caroline Hatchett
Antoinette Bruno and Aliza Eliazarov
February 2015



Call it the Atera affect. The Instagram attention span. Maybe chefs have just figured out that diners are willing to throw down $15 for a few mind-blowing bites. Whatever the reason, snack season is on in New York City. Chefs are packing an entree’s worth of technique and flavor into less-than-an-app-sized dishes. From the salty, fermented shrimp paste and bok choy at Fung Tu to the elegantly veiled sour cream and onion dip at The Eddy, these petite courses are compositions in their own right—hitting the five senses in one powerful wallop. With its near ubiquitous menu presence in the city, the snack is well positioned to outpace the time-honored, palate-whetting, surprise amuse-bouche. Snacks come in multiples; they require napkins. You can always order more (and you know you want to).