Chicago in the Raw

by Caroline Hatchett
Will Blunt, Caroline Hatchett, and Megan Swann
May 2015


Chefs in Chicago are tinkering with the tartare formula to bring back the thrill of eating raw meat. At spanking-new Sink | Swim, Chef Matt Danko folds chopped oysters into the mix. Kai Zan Chefs Carlo and Melvin Vizconde bring over-the-top luxury and fun to a do-it-yourself tartare. Their diners mix together toro, uni, a quail egg, and shiso, and then form sloppy, decadent hand rolls with sheets of nori. Even Mark Hellyar’s signature (vegetar­ian!) tartare of blood-red dried tomatoes works to satisfy your carnal impulses—just with a flourish of creativity.