Bold Vegan at Talde South Beach

By Caroline Hatchett | Megan Swann


Caroline Hatchett
Megan Swann
Sweet Pea Samosas, Makrut Lime Yogurt, and Miso-Raisin Chutney
Sweet Pea Samosas, Makrut Lime Yogurt, and Miso-Raisin Chutney

Noodle-slinging, pork-basted Talde loves its vegetarian and vegan diners. It really does. At its newest Miami Beach installation at the Thompson Hotel, Executive Chef Janine Denetdeel seamlessly blends diet-conscious dishes into a menu spiked with chicken wings, whole fish, and bacon pad Thai. And she doesn’t hold back on flavor. 

One superlative example is her Sweet Pea Samosas (the filling for which was inspired by one of Talde’s Bengali food runners). Denetdeel wraps the spice-laden sweet peas in a vegan TJY spring roll wrappers instead of traditional samosa dough. She likes the crunch, and the thin wheat wrappers don’t obscure any of the flavor. “One of my cousins likes to do Paleo, and is vegan—but not really. I keep her in mind when I’m developing dishes, and I try to make things that are vegan, or for people who have food restrictions.” says Denetdeel, who has helmed the kitchens of Talde Brooklyn, Jersey, and now Miami. 

Denetdeel’s samosas aren't a concession, though. They're a high five—sent straight from the kitchen to the restaurant’s most demanding diners. 

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