Nelson's Greenbrier Distillery


Andy and Charlie Nelson of Green Brier Distillery – Nashville, TN

As of February 2014, Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery is a closed warehouse space in Nashville’s Marathon Motor Works. But something magical is happening inside. Brothers Andy and Charlie Nelson are building out a distillery that will restore their family’s Tennessee whiskey making heritage. In 1885, Nelson’s Green Brier outsold Jack Daniels to the tune of 357,000 gallons. But Prohibition—that great historical bummer—shuttered the family business, until the Nelson’s dug deeper into their family history and found their new calling. Until they can roll-out their own Tennessee whiskey and open the distillery to the public, the brothers are blending and distributing Belle Meade bourbon, a distinct spirit made from three recipes that are aged for six years in 53 charred American white oak barrels, some of which are more than 8 years old. A fairly hefty proportion of rye (30 percent) adds extra flavor.

Recommended Dishes:
  • Belle Meade Bourbon

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