Colombian Coffee

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March 2014
While we don’t believe that there’s a single formula that works for roasting every type of coffee, this is the basic formula for Colombian coffees that we roast in our Probat L-12 roaster. If everything goes according to plan, we end up with bright cup filled with citrus and milk chocolate


13 pounds green Colombian coffee


Bring the roaster’s air temperature to 490˚F. Charge the coffee with fairly low applied heat until the bean temperature has bottomed out at 190˚F. At that point, start adding heat, turning the gas all the way up when you hit 300˚F at 5½ minutes. At about 350˚F, start to decrease the heat and attempt to hit first crack at 380˚F at 8½ minutes. When the bean temperature starts to level off, hit the gas once more for the last 30 seconds, hoping to drop the coffee at about 399˚F at 11 minutes, or just before the end of first crack.