Wilford Brimley

Adapted by StarChefs.com
April 2015


Rolled Oat Syrup
2 cups rolled oats
2 quarts hot water
To Assemble and Serve
1 ounces Jameson Irish Whiskey
ounce lemon juice
ounce lAmaro Nardini
4 golden raisins, plus additional for garnish
4 dried cranberries, plus additional for garnish
1 cube
Crushed ice
1 stick cinnamon


For the Rolled Oat Syrup

In a large cylindrical container, combine rolled oats and hot water. Allow to infuse 2 hours. Strain through chinois into a large mixing bowl. Scale infusion and record weight. Add equal part sugar by weight. Whisk vigorously until sugar dissolves. Transfer to storage container, cover, and chill.

To Assemble and Serve

In a mixing glass, combine whiskey, 1 ounce Rolled Oat Syrup, lemon juice, amaro, golden raisins, and dried cranberries. Add 1 cube of ice; shake. Pour into a chilled lowball glass. Top with crushed ice. Garnish with more dried fruit. Shave cinnamon over top.